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About Us

Polish is available in several forms including lotion, cream and paste, and is used to protect, clean and shine surface of wooden furniture, footwear, vehicles, etc. Originally, polish were made out of natural waxes, which tend to leave a dense shine but was hard to apply. With time, several improvements took place in their manufacturing market and now the options that are available in the shelves of several shops are absolutely easy to use and effective.

Kosmet & Allied Products is a company well known for producing and supplying several types of polish such as Boot Polish, Wood Polish, Auto Wax Polish and many more. Our polish range is well acknowledged in the market due to being processed from combination of oils with natural waxes and petroleum based ingredients that makes them well clean the film residue. One time application of our polish leaves a long term protection layer and smooth-texture on the applied surface. The polish that we make has earned us a well known name in the market, which is also a major reason behind regular sales and continuous demand of our product. Further, we are also famous in the market for our commendable Moulded Sections and Mould Releasing Wax For Fiber Glass Industries. On the basis of lowest prices of our product and fair work practices, we have always satisfied a large number of customers in the market.

How our Polish are Made?

To serve the finest varieties of polish we follow a systematic and planned approach for producing them. The top grade ingredients that we use to make our polish are formulated into cream, liquid, aerosol, paste and many other forms to give a remarkable smoothness and a longer life on the surface of the product where our polish is being applied. To get the best quality of polish, we use premium grade emulsifiers, polishing agents, and solvents, which are combined in an accurate composition to get the desired product. We also add pleasant fragrance, preservatives, auxiliary materials and colorants to make our products more enchanting when used.

Quality Control

As a quality focused company, we conduct regular checks on the quality of polish that we make available to the clients. We ensure the specifications & superior quality of raw materials before using them for manufacturing our polish varieties and after production we analyze our prepared polish to make sure that it is processed accurately. The most important parameters to formulate good quality of polish are the pH value, water content, preservative activity and level of solids, which are well taken care of in our premise. After this, we make sure to test our formulated mixture before packaging so that our customers receive best quality of polish. Following are the grounds on which we examine our polish:

  • Accuracy of composition
  • Smooth-texture
  • Shelf Life
Before the prepared product are filled into respective cans, spray bottles and containers, packaging material is passed through tests to ensure that there is not any leakage in the containers.